How you can join META Web and about our community.

Join our community

We are opened to anybody who can contribute to our project. Everyone is welcome.

You can help us in many different ways. Discuss the concept with us, implement and test features or just spread a word.

Currently we are looking for help mainly in the following areas:

  • Concept development - discuss the META Web concept and specifications with us
  • API libraries - develop META API libraries for various programming languages
  • META Web client / browser - help us develop a prototype of META Web browser
  • Content editing - text improvements and corrections
  • Feedback - tell us what you think
  • Talking about META Web - spread a word

You can also support this project in any other way.

Community members

Jiří Hýbek

Project author

Jiri has started programming at his young age. He is creating websites and web applications for over 10 years and sees many issues and difficulties of the current web. Jiri is working on the META Web concept over 4 years. At first it was a private project without global ambitions. Then it evolved to the open-source project as you can see now.

Jiri's webpage (in czech) / Follow Jiri on Twitter


Every help in our community is very appreciated so we've decided to list all our contributors and supporters:

  • David Klingenberg (CZ)
  • Jan Mišoň (CZ)